DIY: Picnic Cocktails in Mason Jars

Picnicking is definitely in my top 3 favorite warm weather activities in the city. I love heading to Meridian Hill/Malcolm X Park on Sunday afternoon and soaking up sunshine with the drum circle playing in the background. Typically I prefer to sip on white wine while there but it is horribly inpractical to be discreet with a wine bottle and corkscrew in the park. I also hate the taste of wine in a plastic cup.

Perusing Pinterest too much has made me develop a mason jar cocktail fantasy that I was determined to fulfill at my next picnic.

We only bought a few additional ingredients to what we already stocked at home. Vodka being a constant around the house and triple sec always lingering from my last batch of sangria were really the main inspiration of my cocktail.

We used:

Simply Raspberry Lemonade
Fresh Raspberries
Mint Leaves
Triple Sec

Then we:

1. Muddle the mint, limes, and raspberries in the jar.

2. Add 2 parts vodka and 1 part triple sec. so that you fill about a third of the jar.

3. Combine lemonade, additional fresh raspberries and mint leaves for garnish with ice.

4. Close the lid and gently shake.

Pro tip: This may seem like a no brainer, but it completely escaped me. Make the drink a little stronger than typical (I did) and then pack it with plenty of ice (I did not).  I put a measly three or 4 ice cubes because they were going in to a cooler.What I failed to realize is that these babies would be attached to our hands in the hot sun for the entire duration of our park stay.

The Bottom Line: The mason jar trend is perfect for portable public drinking. With the help of some fresh fruit and garnish its a beautiful cocktail that is large enough to give you the sweet buzz you’re after on a lazy Sunday afternoon in the park.

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Sydney is a major city snob who gripes about traveling the one mile or so beyond the city limits to Bethesda to go to work. Her current obsessions are replicating restaurant food and cocktails at home and channeling her inner yogi.

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  • Jen @ Savory Simple

    This sounds wonderful! 

  • Sydney

    Thanks Jen! That mean’s a lot coming from a recipe master like yourself!