People just go bananas for fall, so David and I decided to hop on the train as well and go all out with our pumpkins this year. We actually had a rare weekday off together so we drove to Gaver Christmas Tree Farm in Mt. Airy, Maryland.  It was about a 45 minute drive from where I live in Bethesda. I’m always so surprised by how short the drive is out of the city and to what feels like a completely different place.

Fall Pics.002

On a Monday the farm was not too busy, and had larger grounds than I expected to walk around.  They had rows of Christmas trees growing, as well as several large pumpkin patches.  It was a beautiful day so we took our time.  Amongst the pumpkins we also found some squash!  We walked all the way out to the farthest pumpkins, but I decided to pick my pumpkin about halfway on the way back to the entrance.  I didn’t want to carry it too far, but just enough so in my head it was still an authentic experience.  We got two pumpkins this way for carving, then picked up a third (for eating) at the barn entrance where you pay.

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Back home I gutted the two for carving while David chopped the third for cooking.  My housemate’s girlfriend had already made pumpkin bread to share, so I wanted to go the savory route.   We decided to modify a potato-lentil soup recipe from my dad.  (I know, my dad has multiple lentil soup recipes)  The recipe calls for potatoes, so we decided to use the pumpkin instead.  After I posted a photo of the soup on Instagram, my dad actually asked me to send him the recipe, which was amusing.  And of course we roasted the pumpkin seeds.

Happy Halloween

Just be careful, if you have too much beta-carotene, you will turn orange.

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